Terms & Conditions

We request all our clients to read our terms & conditions before booking any treatment, product, or service. After booking any service or treatment / product you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted LCA terms and conditions.

Booking fee(s) and cancellations

Using our online booking service, you will be required to pay a booking fee. This is usually £50 but can change in accordance with the type / length of appointment and may be more or less, depending on the service / length of appointment you are booking. Please check this when proceeding with your booking. You accept this when making an online booking. These booking fees are required for all bookings, including consultations and treatment bookings. This is to secure the booking slot and the medical practitioner’s time, prevent no shows, and ensures that we are given the required notice if you wish to cancel / reschedule your appointment.

Advanced booking fee(s) are non-refundable, if you do not give us at least 48 hours’ notice of any cancellation / reschedule under any circumstance.

*** If you have tested positive for covid, only a PCR test within 48 hours of your appointment will be accepted to roll your deposit across to a new appointment. You must provide this information to us via email Lateral flow tests are not accepted.

If you have paid for a course of treatment in full and / or have an appointment booked whereby no booking fee has been taken, failure to attend any of your scheduled appointment without 48 hours’ notice will result in a payable charge of £50 for failure to attend, payable on attendance to your next appointment. Failure to pay this on attendance or in advance of your next appointment will result in that treatment being forfeit with no refunds whatsoever. Further booking fees will also be applied as normal. Cancelling an appointment 48 hours before your appointment allows us to reschedule at your convenience without any charge and enables us to offer the slot to someone who may otherwise have to wait much longer for an appointment.

If you have a remote consultation scheduled and you do not attend, we will try you again. If we try to contact you twice at the time of your appointment and you do not answer, you will be charged £10 for our time, admin, and the missed slot that would otherwise have been available to other clients.

Similarly, if a ‘last minute’ booking has been made and would therefore fall outside our cancellation period, failure to attend your appointment will result in loss of all booking fee(s) paid.

If you are delayed for any reason, kindly let us know with as much notice as possible. We will always strive to accommodate but this is highly unlikely to be possible due to the high volume of bookings, the length of each client’s appointment, and the working hours of any practitioner on any given day. As a general rule, if you are ten minutes late for your scheduled appointment, we are unable to treat you and you will lose your booking fee for the booking of that day and may also incur a charge of 50% of the total cost of the treatment. A further deposit will be required to rebook. If you arrive past the time of your appointment as it would have ended by the time of your arrival, you will be classed as a no-show which will result in the loss of all booking fee(s) paid, and you may be charged 50% of the cost of your treatment. You will then be required to pay 50% of any rebooked treatment upfront as a booking fee.

If a client registers as a ‘no-show’ twice, this will result in both the fee’s as above regarding booking fees and fees being due, as well as us requiring payment in full for any future treatments booked with us up front and in advance of the booking. We also reserve the right, after two ‘no-shows’, to refuse you any future service.

Conversely, if for any reason we have to cancel your appointment (we are human, too!), we will endeavour to arrange an alternative appointment at a time and date convenient for yourself. We promise to try our best to reach you on the contact details provided by yourself during booking. If, due to our inability to carry out the original appointment and an alternative booking is, for whatever reason, unsatisfactory to yourself, and a deposit has been paid, a full refund will be issued.

If on arrival, our clinician(s) believe you to be displaying any signs and / or symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection, OR you are living with / have had close contact within the last 14 days of anyone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, we reserve the right to refuse to treat you. In these circumstances any booking fee(s) paid will be lost and a new booking fee will be required as above to reschedule a new appointment.

All refunds of booking fee’s carry a small £25 admin charge, to cover ta small fraction of the cost of our time involved with making and cancelling your appointment.


Simple non-attendance without any notification from yourself in any case will result in the loss of any and all booking fee(s) paid, and a ‘no show’ being registered (see above) in your name. We may also charge you 50% of the total cost of the treatment being due to us, and after two no-shows will require a 50% booking fee for any future bookings. If you do not attend twice, we also reserve the right to refuse you any future service or bookings.


Please arrive promptly for your appointment. If you are too late for your appointment, we will not be able to treat you (see above) and you will lose any and all booking fees paid. We will then require a new booking fee to reschedule any appointments for you.

If you are running late for whatever reason, please call the clinic on 07958186519 and we will advise you as to whether we can fit you in on your late arrival, or whether you will have to rebook. We will not be able to see you if you are more than 10 minutes late as per our normal T&C’s and you will lose any booking fee(s) paid for that appointment / your card will be charged.


We allow up to two reschedules without any loss of booking fees/ deposits paid, as long as we receive at least 48 hours’ notice (see sections above). However, we cannot reschedule past two times without charging a new deposit. To reschedule a third time, you will lose any deposits and / or booking fees already paid and will be required to pay a new deposit.

Package deals

Any package deal purchased is solely for the use of the client, and no part of a package deal is transferrable under any circumstances. If, for whatever reason, after purchasing a package deal you decide not to have certain elements of it, there is no refund on any part of the package. All packages, services and treatments are non-refundable. All elements of a package deal must be carried out within a maximum of 12 months. No parts of a package deal can be carried forward out of a 12-month period, and no refund will be given if you do not use any elements of said package.


All appointments are non-transferable under any circumstances. If you wish to change the treatment(s) you are booked for, you must give us at least 48 hours so. we can adjust the service slot as necessary. Failure to inform us of any changes to the treatment you are booked for on the day will result in a charge of 50% of the treatments you are booked for.

Discount codes

Discount codes are redeemable only for the product, treatment, or service for which they are specified. Discount codes are one-time-se only and are not transferrable.

Courses of treatment

Any treatments purchased as part of a ‘course’ must be paid in full at the time of booking unless alternative finance has otherwise been arranged and / or otherwise specified during the booking process. All treatment courses must be undertaken within a reasonable amount of time depending on the treatment, to ensure safety, efficacy, and optimum results.

Unless otherwise stated, as per exceptions below, all treatments must be undertaken within a period of 12 months from the date of first treatment. Any subsequent treatments or unused treatments will not be refunded, nor can they be ‘rolled forward’ out of the 12-month window.


We offer two types of modelling opportunities.

WITH OUR CLINICIAN IN CLINIC – 1:1 From time to time, when we introduce a new product, service, or treatment in clinic, we sometimes offer a limited number of spaces for clients to take advantage of the product, treatment, or service at a heavy discount to the normal price.  To be eligible for a modelling opportunity, you must be suitable for the product, service, or treatment (as per out treatment suitability T&C). A full consultation will be carried out beforehand, and to qualify for the modelling opportunity you must agree to us taking, using, and sharing any before and after pictures as we deem necessary on any of our online channels (social media, website, etc).

AS PART OF OUR TRAINING ACADEMY – As part of our official TRAINING ACADEMY, we will occasionally require ‘models’ on whom to administer anti-wrinkle injections and / or dermal fillers to teach our delegates. All our delegates (those attending our courses) are medical professionals or beauty therapist. A full consultation will be carried out on all models who wish to book onto any of our modelling opportunities to assess suitability and safety of the product for the individual.   Normal suitability conditions apply, and if you are not suitable to be a modelling candidate but have paid for the service you will be issued with a full refund.

Our standard cancellation terms and conditions as applied to standard bookings in clinic do not apply to modelling bookings. If we are unable to treat you (either because you are not suitable from the initial consultation) and / or we are unable to ultimately provide the service (due to cancellation from our end for any reason) you will be entitled to a refund. However, any cancellation from your end (regardless of the notice given, and for any reason whatsoever) will result in the loss of any and all monies paid for the treatment. The 48-hour cancellation window applied to standard clinic bookings does not apply to the modelling bookings. This is necessary as it is crucial for the smooth running of our training academy that our models attend, and it may be difficult for us to find another model if you cancel. The only exception to this (valid until further notice) is any COVID-19 related illness or contact. Payment for the whole treatment must be paid in full and up front. We do not accept deposits for any of our modelling services. As above, standard terms and conditions do not apply to cancellation(s), and any cancellation from your end, regardless of any notice period given, will result in the loss of any and all monies paid for the service(s) booked (with the exception of COVID-19 related illness and / or confirmed contact)

Treatment suitability

Our experienced medical aesthetic practitioners will always suggest a treatment that is suitable, appropriate, and safe for you as an individual. If, for whatever reason, the clinician is unable to carry out a proposed treatment on unsuitable medical grounds (i.e, you are not suitable for the treatment – allergies, contraindications, etc) you will be advised of this during a face-to-face consultation. Alternatives, if available, will be suggested. If we do not feel it is safe or appropriate to treat, we reserve the right to refuse treatment.

Kindly be advised that if you have not visited us for anti-wrinkle injections before, a consultation at least 48 hours before the day and time of proposed treatment along with submission of your medical history is MANDATORY. Please do not book for anti-wrinkle injections if you have not visited us already – please ensure to book a consultation first. Failure to attend a consultation and also complete your medical history at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment, as a new client, will result in disappointment as without a consultation and receipt of your medical history i48 hours in advance, we cannot treat you on the day.  Failure to complete your medical history form and attend your consultation as scheduled will therefore result in loss of any and all booking fee(s) paid and cancellation of your booking.

Failure to attend a scheduled remote consultation, without 48 hours’ notice, will result in a £10 non-attendance fee being deducted from any booking fee(s) paid. We can reschedule this for you but be aware that if your treatment is booked very soon after, as above, this may also have to be rescheduled and any cancellation fees as above sections will also apply.

Similarly, failure to heed the advice on check-out and to book a consultation as opposed to anti-wrinkle injections / any treatment concerning botulinum toxin, will result in the loss of any booking fee(s) paid and we will not be able to treat you on the day.

Alcohol & recreational drugs

If our practitioners suspect you are under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, treatment will be refused, and your deposit will not be refunded. This is to ensure your – and our – safety.

Zero tolerance

We operate a zero-tolerance policy with regards to abuse. This includes being verbally and or physically abusive towards any members of staff, and / or towards our property.

Any client whose behaviour contravenes our zero-tolerance policy in any way will be unable to book with us in the future, to protect our staff, our clients, our property, and the public. We will also contact the police where deemed necessary.


We do not have access to a client’s medical records or history and therefore rely on the client being fully open and transparent with regards to the medical questionnaire and any and all questions we may ask to assess your suitability for any particular treatment. If a client, for whatever reason, fails to provide all information correctly and / or omits certain information (e.g, any allergies, medications taken, any acute or chronic diseases) when asked we will not be held liable for any damage that may occur due to the client’s failure to disclose or truthfully disclose such information when requested.

The client agrees to comply with all instructions / recommendations given to them by or on behalf of LONDON CLASSIC AESTHETICS regarding the care of any treated area. Any loss of, or negative aesthetic result due to the client’s failure to adhere with our advice is the responsibility of the client and LONDON CLASSIC AESTHETICS does not and will not accept any liability in these situations.​

We do not accept any liability with regards to the current situation and risks associated with COVID-19.


Once delivered, all services and treatments are non-refundable under any circumstances.